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Partners Bill Huxhold and Robert Shaw founded Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions (RMTS) in 2005, with the emphasis to help provide companies in Utah and the intermountain regions with the highest quality environmental testing services with responsive customer service at a competitive price. RMTS is a privately owned business located 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City, UT, our testing facility serves as our headquarters and our primary site providing a wide range of environmental testing, product design validation services and consulting services. RMTS and our employees take a team approach to helping our customers find and successfully complete the right testing for their specific needs.


Whether your company needs to:

"Shake It. Bake It.

Rock & Roll It.

Frost It. Drop It.

We Test It All"

RMTS equals "The Finishing Touch needed to Enhance your Product"


Examples of tests RMTS has performed give an idea of our test lab's wide range of application. When Mount Olympus Water had problems shipping boxes of gallon jugs to Target, they came to RMTS for a simple drop test. When the product failed the first test, the company made a minor modification to the packaging, enabling it to pass the next test.

Another test application sampled reaction of materials to temperature and humidity for a Colorado company that manufactures doors. Additionally, RMTS has done work for clients as varied as Boeing, OrthoPro, Icon Health & Fitness (Nordictrack), ITT, GE Healthcare, and Exxon Mobil.

Our company also helps manufacturers address logistical concerns such as shipping. No matter what you make, you ship, RMTS helps clients answer questions like, "Will there be a problem FedExing a product at an altitude of 30,000 feet?" or "What about vibrations from a UPS truck?"

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    Partners Bill Huxhold and Robert Shaw

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    Our State-of-the-Art Product Test Facility

Delivering quality, on-time solutions for manufacturers in the aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, and consumer products industries has always been our focus. Whether you need a highly competent, third party testing company for such diverse testing requirements such as vibration testing, shock testing, sine testing, random testing, ESS, or FDA medical device package testing, Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions stands ready to be your one source lab for all your product testing needs.

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