Salt Spray Testing - Salt Fog Testing - Corrosion Testing Lab Services

Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions' environmental test lab is ready to meet your most difficult salt spray testing and corrosion testing needs. We specialize in advanced, controlled corrosion and cyclic corrosion testing services with this environmental testing performed with Auto Technology’s model 22 salt fog chambers, the industry's most advanced. Our lab technicians can perform accelerated intergranular corrosion testing with salt spray testing (salt fog), humidity, and passivation testing to simulate the effects of salt and sea, water and mist that your product will see under real life conditions. All metals and alloys are vulnerable to corrosion under some environmental conditions and corrosion testing can help compare materials, estimate the life of products, and determine if material will withstand its everyday environment. Salt fog, salt spray and cyclic corrosion testing is used to highly accelerate that environment. Salt spray testing is common because it is inexpensive, standardized, and repeatable and it is widely used in automotive, construction, and aerospace/military industries for the evaluation of corrosion resistance of finished surfaces or industrial parts.

Our salt fog, salt spray, and cyclic corrosion chambers are capable of producing environments that meet the following testing standards and conditions:

Our salt fog, salt spray, and cyclic corrosion chambers are capable of producing environments that meet the following testing standards and conditions:

  • ASTM certified test lab
  • ASTM B117 salt spray/salt fog testing lab
  • Automotive
  • Military MIL-STD 810 method 509.4
  • DO 160E
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Commercial test specifications for salt fog or custom customer specs
  • 30 cubic feet internal test chamber capacity
  • Temperature range: ambient to +159.8°F (+71°C)
  • 95% to 100% humidity to simulate a damp environment

    Materials corrosion tested for failure analysis:

  • Metals (iron, carbon steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, gold)
  • Ores (oxides, sulfides, silicates)
  • Ferroalloys
  • Ceramics
  • Composites (Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon/graphite, boron)
  • Polymers (plastics, nylon, PVC, silicone, synthetic rubber, etc.)

Our corrosion test chambers also ensure the reliability of electronic products such as through exposure to thermal cycling, fast temperature cycling, and extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Whatever your salt spray, salt fog, or corrosion testing needs, our testing laboratory will provide you with answers, based on your exact requirements. We will consult with you on custom climatic test protocols allowing for a very close approximation of the actual conditions that your product will endure. Custom test duration, visual inspection, and photos of units under test will be considered. When testing is completed, you will receive a reliable and accurate testing report for your product qualification and third-party validation testing. Contact us if you're ready to test now or if you need assistance in developing a salt spray corrosion test specification.

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