Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Services - Accelerated Stress Testing Lab

Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions offers ISO 9001: 2015 certified ESS, environmental stress screening services, to expose part defects or process problems prior to qualification tests that can't be spotted in visual inspection or electrical testing. When looking at ESS, a process rather than a test may be a more appropriate description. Also referred to as burn-in, HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening), and POS (Proof of Screen), ESS was first developed by the military to detect flaws in complex electronic products and manufacturing processes. Vibration, thermal cycling, and power cycling are used to determine operating and destruct margins. Our environmental test chambers are available in sizes from reach-in to walk-in, ideal to match the size of your package or product. RMTS has all of lab simulation equipment required to create these types of environmental conditions as well as for altitude, temperature, humidity, etc. Random vibration testing (include sine, random, sine on random, resonance search, and fixture evaluation) and temperature cycling have proven to be very successful forms of ESS.

  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber

    Thermal Shock Test Chamber

  • vibration-testing-package-f-shaker

    Vibration Testing Package F Shaker

  • Vibration Test Chamber

    Vibration Test Chamber

Effective ESS screening programs, which are applied during your product development and production phases, can yield significant test time savings, cost savings, and improvements in field reliability. A RMTS lab technician will assistance you in choosing an environmental stress screening profile with a number of different methods available. Typical program steps are ESS planning, implementation, and monitoring. Contact us if you're ready with your project now or if you need assistance in developing an ESS strategy.

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