RMTS Climatic Testing Lab - News and Events

Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions announces groundbreaking for a new 3,600 square foot addition to our current environmental testing lab which has 6,000 square feet. Currently, RMTS has two locations and with this addition, will consolidate our accelerated/shelf life aging chambers into one building. The addition will also give us the opportunity to add additional product test equipment. Future equipment in the works is a new 15,000 lb-f shaker and several more temperature humidity chambers.

  • Building Expansion 1
  • Building Expansion 2
  • Building Expansion 3

We've recently added to our new ASTM and ISTA package testing services capabilities. MTS servo-hydraulic shaker (ASTM 4169 package testing and ISTA packaged testing and more)

MTS Servo-Hydraulic Vibration Testing Capabilities:

  • Force Output: 10,000 lbf-sine, 5,000 lbf-random, 10,000 Shock, 8.0 inch pk-pk.
  • Velocity: 24.0 inches/second
  • Acceleration: 34 g's Sine, 17 g's Random
  • Frequency Range: 1-300 hz.
  • Table Size: 48” x 48”
Servo Hydraulic Vibration Testing 1