ASTM F2096 Bubble Leak Testing Services

Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Medical Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test)

Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions will help you guarantee to your customers that your packaging system is dependable once it leaves your facility. Issues such as packaging material compatibility, sealing machine set-up, and seal reliability in high altitude trucking and air freight are just some of the production variables that need to be taken into account. The manufacturing considerations are endless, especially in the medical packaging industry.

This bubble test method covers the detection of gross leaks in medical packaging. ASTM F2096 further provides a test that will detect gross leaks not only in package seals, but throughout the entire package. Method sensitivity is down to 250 μm with an 81% probability. This test may be used for tray and pouch packages. The sensitivity of this test method has not been evaluated for use with porous materials other than spunbonded polyolefin or with nonporous packaging. Also, this test is destructive in that it requires entry into the package to supply an internal air pressure.

  • We utilize state-of-the-art Pack-Vac Leak Detectors/Leak Testers, the standard in bubble leak detection.

Typical experimental parameters for ASTM F2096 testing include the number of samples required has to be specified. A control specimen has to be used in order to establish the test pressure.

RMTS will conduct the ASTM F2096 bubble leak test according to the exact requirements specified. Our testing lab takes a team approach to helping our customers find and successfully complete the proper testing for their specific needs. We then provide you with reliable results and conclusions based on your requirements along with exceptional, personal service.

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