ASTM D4169 Package Testing Experts

Performance Testing of Packages & Shipping Containers for Transportation within an ISTA Certified - ISO 9001:2015 Certified Test Lab

Drop Testing - Horizontal Impact Testing - Incline Impact Testing - Vibration - Altitude - Plus

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) recognizes that Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions (RMTS) is a Certified Testing Laboratory member of the ISTA. RMTS will conduct your ASTM D4169 testing project, according to ASTM D4169 standards, to the exact requirements specified. We will consult with you on a customized test program allowing for a very close approximation of the actual conditions facing your packaging. When testing is completed, you will receive an accurate, detailed report regarding logical layout, conclusions, and recommendations. Contact us if you are ready to test now or if you need assistance in developing an ASTM D4169 test specification.

ASTM D4169 Testing Specifics

ASTM D4169 provides packaging designers with a method for predicting the performance of new or redesigned packages when distributed by truck, train, plane, or any mode of transport. The standard provides a uniform basis for evaluation in the laboratory by subjecting shipping containers to a test plan of anticipated hazards encountered in such a transportation environment. RMTS will simulate, by an ASTM test method and a series of tests such as drop, impact, compression, vibration, and altitude, specific to a particular type of distribution. They can be conducted in sequence with the packaging unopened for inspection until completion of testing. The package is then opened and a determination made concerning its performance.

  • Large container for which transportation vibration testing services were conducted per ASTM 4169-16 Truck Vibration Profile.

Validating Package Strength and Integrity

RMTS maintains the range of equipment and the ASTM experience necessary to deliver accurate results, analysis, validation, and recommendations that you can rely on. Some of the test equipment that we utilize.


Why the ASTM D4169 Performance Standard to Begin With?

The performance approach has been practiced for many years in some industries outside of packaging. It is a systematic way to define the desired features of a packaged product and determine if it fulfills those requirements satisfactorily without regard to the specific materials used. Within the specified requirements of a performance standard, packaging designers may use their creativity and knowledge to produce a product that is both cost-effective and safe. There is general agreement within government and industry that performance standards are more likely to encourage innovative packaging designs and less likely to hold back competitive product development than if standards specify materials or design methods.