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Standards for Accelerated Aging

The primary accelerated aging standards pertaining to sterile barrier systems for medical devices are:

Most Common Variables For Accelerated Aging

  • Accelerated Test Temperature are typically between 50 to 60C, most common 55°C.
  • Ambient storage temperature is typically between 22°C to 25°C. 22°C will results in the shortest test duration.
  • Conservative / common Q10 is 2 for medical devices.
  • Relative Humidity (RH) is not a factor in the Arrhenius equation. However, RH should be kept under 30% so material is not damaged.
  • The expiry date of a medical product is commonly based on its manufacture date. Therefore, some add an extra month to the aging study to allow for sterilization, etc. For example, a 12 month shelf life is simulated based on 13 months.

The calculator below generates a table of values for calculations based uponĀ ASTM F1980, Accelerated Aging of Sterile Medical Device Packages.

Step 1: Please fill-in your Input Temperatures and select the Q10 value.

Accelerated Aging Calculator
Input Temperature
Accelerated Aging TemperatureHigher temp. = Less days
Ambient Temperature
Warehouse TemperatureHigher temp. = More days
Q10 Value:Higher value = Less days
Accelerated Aging Test Results
Real Time Shelf Life Study
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
60 Months

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